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  • Workers compensation programs for any business.
  • Pay as you go insurance plans for general liability, auto & property.
  • Payroll administration plans.
  • Professional employer plans.
  • Deductible credits for drug free workplace, safe workplace, and contractor.
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Start Saving Time And Money! Improve Your Bottom Line!

  • Reduce costs, liability, labor burden, turnover, insurance premiums, and tax headaches
  • Increase profits, productivity, time savings, and benefits
  • Enjoy peace of mind, company growth, greater company morale, and teamwork.
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  • Insurance – Health, Life, Dental, General Liability
  • Benefits – 401k, Workers Compensation
  • Payroll – Taxes, Deductions, Garnishments, Print Checks, Direct Deposit
  • Taxes – FICA, FUTA, SUTA, 940/941, Unemployment
  • Human Resources – References, Terminations, I-9 Documents, Handbooks
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We use a state of the art payroll system that insures all of our employees are paid correctly and in accordance with US Department of Labor & Farm Labor standards.



Enjoy the flexibility to choose which coverage best fits your growing company. You will be amazed at how much you can save by using our business insurance services.



Gain access to “Fortune 500” benefits including medical, life & dental insurance, 401k retirement plans, 125 cafeteria plans, credit unions and many more.



Let YCO handle the headaches and paperwork associated with running payroll, insurance and government compliance so you can focus on your core business.


Trust our experience to manage your Human Resource functions. We’ll solve your business problems!

At Your Corporate Office (YCO) we specialize in solving difficult payroll, workers compensation and  general liability insurance situations for our clients every day.  We are a full service insurance agency, professional employer organization broker, employee leasing, payroll and staffing company.  We offer all forms of insurance in most states.   We have serviced accounts as small as one and two employee contractors, employees of LAX airport and employers – subcontractors of Disney Cruise Lines as well as Lines Farm Labor Contractors and Employees in WI, DE, NY, FL, GA, KY and TN.

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    1Staffing & PEO Services

    YCO Labor Corporation provides labor services in Florida and Georgia for the agricultural industry while 3J Staffing Services provides labor...
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    2Payroll & Insurace Services

    YCO & Associates, Inc offers a program known as a “ASO” or Administrative Service Only Program. At YCO we take...
  • Why outsource? Because it just makes sense.
  • The demands of today’s competitive environment require an owner’s full attention to his core business.
  • Outsourcing relieves you of the administrative tasks that all business owners must endure.
  • Statistically, it costs a business owner up to 8% to perform employee related administrative tasks.
  • Safe, secure partnership of experts in payroll, workers compensation and insurance.

Hundreds of companies nationwide from restaurants, to construction, to doctor’s offices outsource their payroll and other human resource functions to Your Corporate Office.

Eliminate the headaches and paperwork associated with running payroll, insurance and government compliance.

Let us do it for you so you can focus on what you do best!