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Our Services

PEO Services

Concentrate on business instead of administration. Let YCO handle the hassles that come with tasks such as payroll, OSHA training and insurance. If you find yourself devoting too much time to putting out HR fires, outsource those responsibilities to us. Save time, money and headaches. We currently operate in Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina and Tennessee, and we’re expanding into most of the United States.

Insurance Services

It’s costly for small- and medium-size businesses to provide health insurance to their workforces. We are able to serve our clients with lower premiums because of our co-employment partnerships, as we can group thousands of employees from different companies together for a better rate.

Staffing Services

The YCO family of companies provides agricultural labor in Florida and Georgia. Best of all, we can take care of the payroll, workers’ compensation insurance, health benefits and OSHA training for these employees while simultaneously lowering your unemployment tax rate and providing professional HR assistance.

Payroll Services

YCO can take the burden of payroll processing and administration off your plate by customizing a plan to save you time and money. Our comprehensive payroll service includes W-2 processing, direct deposit, paid time off benefit accruals, as well as federal, state and local payroll tax filing and remittance.

Risk Management Services

Protect your business investment with YCO’s risk-lowering services. We offer field-based safety programs, loss-control consulting, OSHA compliance, risk analysis, safety recommendations, assistance with drug-free workplace programs and more. We can assess, evaluate, develop and monitor safety programs that work for your particular company. at work for your particular company.