Payroll Services

YCO offers a program known as an “ASO,” or Administrative Service Only. We take the burden of payroll processing (and the administrative tasks that go along with it) off your shoulders. Our team of experts will ensure your employees are paid correctly and on time, every time.

Since YCO operates on a national scale, we know all the ins and outs of ever-changing labor and wage laws in every state. If you are a company that has employees in Florida, Texas, California and Missouri, you don’t need to learn every new law or track every new regulation that may affect you. That’s what we’re here for.

Best of all, Your Corporate Office takes on all liability as it relates to taxes and payroll. Submitting payroll taxes and distributing W-2s by the required date fall on us, which allows you to focus on other priorities. We take on risk, and you get rewarded. If you’ve ever received an unnerving letter from the IRS for an improperly or incorrect filing, you’ll never have to undergo that frightening experience again. YCO will make sure everything is correct.

Some of our key payroll processing services include:

  • Preparation and Distribution
  • Payroll Accrual, Tracking and Processing
  • Payroll Recordkeeping
  • Employment Tax Submission to various Federal and State Agencies
  • Workers’ Compensation collections and submissions to Insurance Carriers