Risk Management Services

Business owners are often surprised by the high amount of risk and liability associated with being an employer. Human resources can be costly. Let YCO worry about the challenges of employing people so you can focus on more pressing priorities.

Were you aware that nearly 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses are reported each year by private employers? That translates to $250 billion in costs annually, which can include productivity loss, team disruption, overtime wages for other workers and increases in workers’ compensation premiums. Simply put, it pays to have a safe workplace. As the provider of your workers’ compensation insurance, YCO strives to establish the safest work environment possible.

Having a reputable PEO partner reduces the complexity and costs to achieve compliance, so employers and safety professionals in all industries have more time for other tasks. In addition to workers’ compensation, Your Corporate Office also can arrange safety trainings, educational programs, accident investigations and improved regulatory compliance.

When you protect your business investment with YCO’s risk-lowering services, you end up with a healthier workforce and balance sheet. We offer field-based safety programs, loss-control consulting, OSHA compliance, risk analysis, safety recommendations, assistance with drug-free workplace programs and more. We can assess, evaluate, develop and monitor safety programs that work for your particular company.