Stay Compliant With Our Risk Management Services

Don’t get overwhelmed by your business’s human resources responsibilities. Ask the experts at YCO & Associates, Inc to handle your risk and liability management so you can concentrate on other business priorities. We can protect your company with our risk-lowering services for a safer and more efficient workplace.

Safer Workplaces Are More Productive Workplaces

There are nearly 3 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported every year by private employers, translating to $250 billion in costs including productivity losses, team disruptions, overtime wages, and workers’ compensation premium increases.

Our risk management services help reduce the complexity and costs to achieve compliance with a variety of programs.

PEO service provider employee helping a company manager with risk management and safety plan, sharing a statistics chart on a mobile tablet in an office meeting room.

Non-fatal workplace injuries & illness reported every year

3 million

Employer costs

$250 billion

ROI for using a PEO

Over 27% ROI

Risk Management Services

Our Risk Management services are designed to protect your business and your employees.

  • Provide an on-site risk & safety assessment of your business

  • Create a “Safety Culture” within the company

  • Assist with design of safety manuals

  • Provide guidance for the design of employee handbooks

  • Supply weekly Toolbox meeting topics, catered to your business type and needs

  • Review “new-hire” orientation and proper training

  • Evaluate Employee Training documentation

  • Review injury reporting procedures

  • Facilitate Return to Work capabilities (light duty) and process

  • Analyze Fleet Safety / Equipment conditions

  • Promote Management’s level of commitment to Safety

  • Review of company’s Drug-free Workplace Policy

Claims Management Services

Our Claims Management staff is dedicated to getting your claims filed and paid.

  • Report injuries in a timely way to reduce costs

  • Document all aspects of the accident: why, where, when, witnesses, etc.

  • Assess accident to learn how to prevent future incidents

  • Arrange transportation and translation for medial treatment, when needed

  • Provide light duty work when necessary

  • Manage employee care through a doctor’s full duty release and return to work

  • If a claim becomes litigated, we manage the legal defense of the claim completely through settlement

Our PEO Services can save you TIME and MONEY!

Call us for a FREE consultation and learn how our professionals can assess, evaluate, develop, and monitor your safety programs to save you time and money.